Saturday, November 7, 2015

Law Of The City

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because i really like korean reality show,  now i want to share you guys about another one of my favorite korean reality show. let me introduce you law of the city. yeaaah big applause cuseyooo *please in english. pardon of my bad english, i am not really good actually. i just want to use it because i have not used it maybe since my college time, wow so long time ago. mmm but actually i always see english subtitle for korean reality show and drama. well i hope it’s working even a little to improve my bad english *sigh.

ok, lets go back to the track. many of korean reality show fans i think they ever heard about law of the jungle, reality show that show you about how to survive in the jungle *well i havent see it actually, i heard it’s really fun to watch. and law of the city is just like that, but it is located in the city. and how interesting is, the city is not in their country, korea but in new york city. woaaah, a place that never sleep.

most interesting part for me this reality show actually is korean celebrity going abroad *hohoo how i love korea. and another interesting for this reality is the casts must collect their money, credit card, wallet so they cant use their money there and they must find job so they can earn money and survive in this big city.

at first episode that all the casts being gathered is a bit awkward, because of their first time meeting and they dont know each other well. but as long as i watch the episode they made memories together, they were helping each other, they did their bucketlists that they want to do in new york, it is kind of worth to watch for me. they even met their korean buddies who achieve their goal being an international model in new york city and korean buddies who success build korean minimarket in nyc. it show you how hard being faraway from home, from family but you still have to survive.
for me, this show is a good reality show. please watch it. :Doh, you can watch it via kshowonline

enjoy the ost. so cute

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